Rechargeable Fan from Nippo

Nippo, quality battery manufacturer since 1972. Formerly the company known as Indo National Limited. Later the name had changed to Nippo Batteries Co. Ltd.

Nippo has unveiled a new rechargeable fan with a battery back up of 6hrs. Now no need to bother about the power cuts and power fluctuations. We can enjoy the cool air even without the power with Nippo Rechargeable Fans.


  • AC/DC Function
  • 2 Speed Oscillation
  • 5 pieces LED night light
  • Fan: 6 hrs back up at low speed and 4hrs back up at high speed
  • LED: 60 hrs backup
  • Over charge and over discharge protection


  • Voltage: AC 90V – 280V
  • Charging time: 15-18 hrs
  • Battery: 6V 5Ah sealed lead acid battery
  • LED: 5X2500 mcd
  • 800 RPM at low speed and 1200 RPM at high speed
  • 6 months warranty


  • Should be charged for 15-18 hrs before initial use.
  • Fan should be charged fully atleast once in every three months

Cost is of Rs.1895

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62 Responses

  1. Sir,pls give detail information that how to get this ?rechargable fan we must need !

  2. Hi RajKamal,

    You can purchase it at your nearest Electrical Shop. In chennai it is available at almost all the stores. Or else contact nippo factory nearer to you. The below link has the list of factory outlets of Nippo,

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiran Kumar

  3. Today morning I got one for me, its good and working fine. Costed me 1800. If any one interested pls let me know

  4. dt.05.09.2010
    Sir, i wish to buy a chargeble light in Nippo make.pls let me know of its cost&dealer address in Vijayawada in AP.

  5. hi could anybody tell address of dealers of chennai in charging fan?

  6. @ Karthika

    Kumaran Electrical Shop @ Vijaya Nagar, Velachery

    Nippo Batteries Co.Ltd, New No.77, Pottipati Plaza
    4th Floor, NH Road
    Phone : 044-28272711,28275653

    Nippo Batteries Co.Ltd, 329, Arcot road, Kodambakkam

  7. how to get nippo chargable fan in surathkal mangalore district karnataka state? if u give me the details i will be very thankfull to you

  8. @ Ramya

    You can check it out at your nearest Electrical Shop. But for sure you can get it Bengaluru.

  9. give some contact number of distributors in orissa

    • I don’t know about distributors in Orissa. Here is the address of Nippo factory in Orissa. Better check your nearest electrical shop first and then contact the below addressee.

      Nippo Batteries Co.Ltd,Bargarh
      Keshar Nagar
      C/O Shree Balajee Rice Mills
      Barhaguda (P.O), Sambalaur Dt.

  10. Sir, buy the nippo charging fan. So please give me nippo charging fan dealers address in Hyderabad (A.P).Very Urgent

  11. Hi,
    I am located in chennai. I purchase rechargeble fan(nippo) yesterday. I ask the shop owner to give the demo about the rechargeble fan. But i forget to ask them how to change the rechargeable battery(because it is only 6V 5Ah) if it get expired, and need to know, where the battery is available, whether it is in the bottom or it is in Gear box(top backside of wings). Please tell me if any one knows about the battery location in the fan.

    All the portions in the bottom are sealed, so please let me know the battery location even the user manual, it is not specified about the location of the battery in the fan. if any website is available about the display about battery location, please tell me

    • hi manivannan , the battery is bit heavy to fit in gear box so it is placed in bottom of the fan. You can replace it with same company battery or sunca battery which is available every where.

    • You can contact us for your requirement of rechargable fans. 9841895387

  12. sir,
    I wish to market ur brand in direct sales in coimbatore region. So, send ne details.

  13. Hi,
    We are the only company in India where all kinds of rechargeable fans are being sold under one roof. Namely Pedestal, Table and Wall Rechargeable/Solar Fans with high Speed.

    P. Venkatesan
    Vetri Power System
    No 67 Mettu Street
    Kanchipuram, TN
    India 631501
    Skype: kanchiselva
    Mobile: +91-978-942-2976/812-425-0529
    Phone: +91-44-272-33136
    Fax: +91-44-272-33136

    For Chennai,
    Selvamani, 9841895387

  14. This i s Very Nice Fan

  15. I Want Rechargable fan of NIPPo Please dealer/Saller Name in Ankleshwar with address and contact detail.

  16. Dear Sir
    We want to be your supplier.
    We are factory which brand named “Gold Hill” for rechargeable fan and rechargeable LED light.
    Don’t worry about power failure, this supper breezy fan offer cool comfort to make your living spaces pleasant.

    Your faithfully


    Shenzhen Gold Hill Electronics Co., LTD
    Add: Suite A&B, 20TH Floor, Huaduyuan(Seibu) Building, Dongmen S. Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
    Tel: 86-755-82389551 (804 lines)
    Fax: 86-755-82389959, Mobile no. 86 13242437771

    Rechargeable Fan
    Rechargeable LED light
    Rechargeable lantern
    Emergency AC/DC fan and emergency LED lights

  17. sir i want thìs fan pl give the details of retailers in kerala or trichy

  18. Pleaase provide me the coimbatore address to buy this fan… Urgent

  19. Sir,

    buy the nippo charging fan. So please give me nippo charging fan dealers address in Chennai(or)chengalpattu (T.N).Very Urgent

    • In Chennai, it is available in most of the electrical stores! Check it out!

      • Hey Haaziq, yeah it’s a fairly new blog.. and Yes, I do sell vagria online for a living, it’s hilarious but it’s true.. @foongpc: Thanks Foong! thanks also for following me on twitter and for coming over here and leaving a comment.. @Mariuca: Hey Marzie! Thanks! I don’t think I want to stop selling vagria though, I think it might have grown on me.. LOL


  21. how to i get nippo recharge fan in tirunelveli.please to give details

  22. I called the Nippo batteries office in Bangalore & Chennai.. I was told that there is no stock and the stocks will be available only after 10 days. also they increased the price to Rs. 2400/- which is very costly.

  23. Ya me 2 checked up in chennai..In Mercy electronics,thiruvanmiyur it is available for 2300 Rs. If anyone knows any place where it is cheaper than this,please let me know…Urgently need one…By the way i checked up in viveks, for rechargeable fan they told me they have a brand named oxygen and it was priced at Rs.2000 without LED Light and Rs.2200 with LED Light.Anyone knows about this brand?How’s it?

  24. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I could buy this rechargable fan in coimbatore?

  25. We need 15nos pls do the needful 9845054463

  26. Dear Sir, I want to take dealership of your products in and around Rajapalayam areas. Our location is nearly 90 kms from Madurai. Please quote your best price for 25 Nos.

  27. wher the dealers in guntur ap

  28. hi

    please send me nippo fan available shop near parrys,chennai.

    what is the procedure to change the battery and how much its costs.

    i heared it expires on short period of time.

    what type of batery it accepts

  29. wil it works on everyday battery

  30. where I could buy this fan in GUNTUR , AP

  31. nterested in buy nippo rechargeable fan.can you pls help contact number 9000011785

  32. I want to know the detail rate for this fan (rate of sales tax)

  33. i am intrested ,where is the dealers at in hyd ,ameerpeta, 9505555069

  34. hi iam frm chennai, i want this fan 1no where can i get at low cost

  35. sir, please give me detail address in madurai

  36. Hi,Kiran pls ask me this rechargable fan is available in delhi?

    Pls give the shop address.

  37. Where Nippo rechargable fans available in Vijayawada.

  38. What is the current technological upgrades and Availability of product now in hydrabad?


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